Our Start

Our Start

Did you have a thought that made you so happy, but then that voice inside tell’s you nope you it would never work?

I have taken all types of photo’s from the time I was in middle school,  always the one at family reunion’s that wanted a picture it’s the truth it captures the moments showing we lived.

I always kept photography just for me it brought me happiness that I had images that showed it happen.

11.06.15 sunset 6 2 Our Start

Five years ago (March 3, 2012) with the amazing support of James my Best Friend and husband,  I finally took the jump and started the pursuit of being a full time photographer.  My husband James has been on ever high and low and to my surprise, he has love of our adventure as our main 2nd shooter, he rock’s groomsmen photo’s and details and a pair of eyes that see’s a different angle to capture the exciting moment of the day or the session.

Through my Journey of Business and Photography I have found what I am Passionate at shooting.

Every story there is a beginning, middle, and end.

Weddings- are the happy medium of life they happen right at that part in our life when we have figured out who we are now that we have our forever Partner.  Beginning the start that develop’s who we are and defines who you are choosing to be as a couple.

Seniors- Because they are the Start of the what you are wanting to do with our lives, I feel like it’s the birth of the person you have just now discovered as you make a plan of where you want to go and do.

Families- They are the part in the later chapter’s where we have built a life that includes new lives and new adventures.   That have molded who we have later became they are priceless moments that capture the youth that we never get back and the baby’s that always grow to quickly.

In September 2015 I took my photography full time Since we started this journey

We have shot

60+ Weddings | 70+ Engagements | 80+ Seniors | 60+ Families